Information about Faberge Egg Pendants, Faberge Crystal, Coronation, & Musical Eggs

Faberge Eggs

Faberge Eggs are masterpieces in shapes of eggs that were created by a goldsmith and his master craftsmen. These were examples of innovation, craftsmanship and since the time of inception, have been a passion for the art collectors. The Faberge Eggs were supposedly ordered as an Easter gift by the Russian Emperor Czar to his beloved wife Maria. These eggs were made up of precious metals and were decorated on the outside using precious and semi precious stones along with an enamel coating. The result is a marvel of hand craft in its own sense.

Faberge Egg jewelry, as the name suggests, are created on the same line as the Faberge eggs. The most commonly worn of the Faberge egg style jewelry is the Faberge egg pendants. Wives and daughters would certainly love to have a piece of the beautiful Faberge Egg pendants in their possession. These are in the form of stone egg pendants in sterling silver or gold, which are accentuated with beautiful enamel coats and set with semi precious stones.

Faberge crystal eggs can be the best souvenir that one can carry back from Russia, only if you can afford it. These can be a perfect gift for an occasion such as Easter or a stunning decoration for your home. The Faberge crystal eggs have beautifully etched designs, some featuring beautifully colored flowers, song birds that can put everyone in awe of the creation. The sparkling Swaroski crystals are beautifully set in 24K gold eggs. A typical Faberge Egg crystal named “Lilies of the valley” is quite popular among the collectors. The interesting and unique pieces of Faberge Egg crystals normally come in the range of $200 - $1000 dollars.

Faberge Coronation egg is supposed to be the commemorative egg and was more lavishly done than all the eggs. The original masterpiece has a double headed eagle that has an artistically studded diamond on its chest. Inside the egg, in its yolk part is a magnificent reproduction of the figure of the carriage that carried Alexandra to the coronation, and hence the name.

Faberge Musical Eggs are tribute to the music lover’s ear. These are again of the same genre as the other Faberge eggs, equally beautiful and one of its kind. The musical egg collection has the feature of playing soulful melodies as one opens up the egg. The wonderful portray of singing birds, floral patterns adorned with crystals and gems are a feast for the eyes.