Information about Faberge Egg Pendants, Faberge Crystal, Coronation, & Musical Eggs

Faberge Egg Pendants

Faberge Egg Pendants are perfect presents that one can buy for that special someone in your life. Faberge Egg Pendants are the replica of the hand craft work of the famous goldsmith Carl Faberge and his master craftsmen. Each Faberge Egg jewelry and Faberge egg pendant is a beautifully done with gold, sterling silver, glass and crystal which are then enamel coated and set with semi precious stones to give that perfect finish. The surface of these Faberge Egg pendants portray intricate patterns, floral designs and inlay work with crystals to add the sparkle.

In fact, any artifact from the Faberge Eggs collection can be a unique gifting idea. The beauty of the Faberge Egg lies not only in the way these are finished on the exterior but also the magnificent display on the inner portion as you open up the egg. In all there were sixty nine eggs that were made but unfortunately only sixty one survive for the present generations viewing. Most of the Faberge Eggs are placed in museums or are in possession of some rich personalities. What normally is available in name of “Faberge Eggs” is a replica. Be it the Faberge Coronation Egg, the Faberge musical eggs, Imperial eggs, crystal eggs. With the new techniques, now the Faberge egg craftsmanship has been improvised to create an entire range of Faberge jewelry, pendants, clocks, wedding gifts etc.

In the original design, the Faberge Coronation Egg has a depiction of black colored double headed eagle on its exterior with diamonds studded on the chest. The exterior is in lime yellow color and has patterns of intersecting leaves on the surface. Leave this apart, what holds your breath is the marvelous creation of the carriage which is seen as one opens up the egg. This is believed to be a replication of the carriage that took the Russian emperor Czar and his spouse Alexandra for coronation. This carriage is detachable from the egg. The coach is in strawberry red color with the upholstery done in imperial blue. The creation of the Faberge Coronation Egg is a marvel of craftsmanship and demonstrates the heights the technicians had reached in creating the masterpieces.

Faberge Crystals Eggs are again superb creations which are decorated with Swaroski crystals. The Faberge crystal eggs can be a perfect souvenir to carry back from a trip to Russia. Of course, don’t forget to know the story behind each Faberge Egg replica that you are buying as most of them have a tale attached to them.