Information about Faberge Egg Pendants, Faberge Crystal, Coronation, & Musical Eggs

Faberge Crystal Eggs

Faberge eggs own their name from the famous goldsmith “Carl Faberge”. The Faberge eggs were made as Easter gift from the Czar, the Russian Emperor, for his wife. There were sixty nine total eggs that were crafted from the period of 1885 – 1917. Some of the best known Faberge eggs are the Coronation egg, lilies of the Valley, Empire Nephrite, Peacock etc. The Faberge Crystal eggs are finest examples of crystal work with beautiful designs etched on the surface. The surprise element in the Faberge eggs used to be the interior of the egg. Each egg would have a different story to tell as the outer shell was opened up. Some of the Faberge eggs had soulful melodies played when the egg was opened.

Among all the Imperial Faberge egg collections, the “Serpents Egg” was popularly known as the Faberge Princess grace. It is because it was in the possession of the Princess Grace of Monaco. Prince Rainier III of Monaco had received this royal blue egg as a gift from the Starvos Niarchos, a Greek business tycoon. The story holds that the princess of grace was so much mesmerized by the beauty of this Faberge egg that she had it in her royal palace at Monte Carlo till her death. Later, this was exhibited at the museum of Cleveland.

The Faberge Princess Grace egg is designed in form of a clock which is mounted on a base all done in gold. The whole egg has royal blue enamel on the outer surface and is spanked by diamonds. On the blue enameled body of the egg, there is a running belt which has Roma numerals embossed on the surface. The numerals are all done with diamonds. The name Serpent’s egg is justified by the serpent that runs through the whole egg and the tongue of the serpent is designed to be the hands of the clock.

Besides the Faberge Crystal Eggs there are several motifs and souvenirs based on the designs and patterns of Faberge Eggs. Most of the Faberge eggs currently are in display in the museums or the form part of the collections of rich, the Faberge Egg collections that are available are all replica. Faberge Egg jewelry and Faberge Egg pendants are also quite popular with the women folk. The crystal pendants are normally in the egg shape and are beautifully adorned with Swaroski crystals with patterns that are created using enamel or gold. The Faberge Egg Jewelry also comes in base of silver and even glass which puts them in slightly affordable range.