Information about Faberge Egg Pendants, Faberge Crystal, Coronation, & Musical Eggs

Faberge Coronation Egg

Faberge egg jewelry is a tradition on its own. These unique collections of Faberge egg jewelry are related to the Russian ancestry. The Faberge eggs are the hand crafted and jeweled eggs made by the famous goldsmith Carl Faberge and his master craftsmen. There were a total of sixty nine Faberge eggs in all which were made from the period of 1885 – 1917. The Faberge eggs are adorned with the richest and the rarest of gem stones, crystals and the carving and embellishments on the jewelry depict the pinnacle of art and creativity of that era.

The first Faberge egg was supposedly an Easter gift by the Emperor of Russia, Czars to his beloved wife. It is believed that the Empress was so impressed with the gift that from then on, there were consequent orders and a total of sixty nine eggs were reached. Some of the Faberge eggs being “Basket of wild flowers”, “Twelve monograms”, “Empire Nephrite” etc. One such egg is the Faberge Coronation Egg.

The Faberge Coronation Egg was supposed to be a commemorative egg made in 1896 to mark the coronation of Czar Nicholas II. This Faberge coronation egg was made in gold and was enamel painted with lime yellow. The surface of the egg had green gold leaves intersecting each other on which there was a black double headed eagle with a diamond on its chest. The eagle was enameled in black. The best part of the Faberge coronation egg was the miniature coronation carriage inside the egg which could be detached. This red carriage had it all - platinum wheels, imperial eagles, opening doors and windows. It was a marvel on its own.

Faberge egg jewelry and Faberge egg pendants are dream gifts and pride possession for every woman. The original Faberge eggs have been preserved in museums or in possessions of the rich and the royals. The Faberge egg jewelry replicates the design and the intricate work of the traditional style. The Faberge egg pendants are available in gold, silver, glass and crystal. The rich enamel polish highlights the designs and patterns of the Faberge egg pendants. Apart from the jewelry, there are Faberge egg collectibles that can be perfect souvenir to carry back home from an unforgettable trip to Russia. There are Faberge egg clocks, vases, cases and other decorations that add beauty to your home.

Faberge crystal eggs have in them beautifully etched designs on the crystal eggs. Some of them are adorned with Swaroski crystals and other gem stones that accentuate the beauty. The intricate work on the shell of the eggs that are in solid gold or silver can put anyone in awe.