Information about Faberge Egg Pendants, Faberge Crystal, Coronation, & Musical Eggs

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Faberge Eggs

Faberge Eggs are masterpieces in shapes of eggs that were created by a goldsmith and his master craftsmen. These were examples of innovation, craftsmanship and since the time of inception, have been a passion for the art collectors.

Faberge Egg Pendants

Faberge Egg Pendants are perfect presents that one can buy for that special someone in your life. Faberge Egg Pendants are the replica of the hand craft work of the famous goldsmith Carl Faberge and his master craftsmen.

Faberge Crystal Eggs

Faberge eggs own their name from the famous goldsmith “Carl Faberge”. The Faberge eggs were made as Easter gift from the Czar, the Russian Emperor, for his wife.

Faberge Coronation Egg

Faberge egg jewelry is a tradition on its own. These unique collections of Faberge egg jewelry are related to the Russian ancestry.

Faberge Musical Eggs

Romance is personified with Faberge and even more so when it is a Faberge musical egg! Even though Peter Carl Faberge stopped creating his mystical wonders in 1917, they live on in many venues.