Information about Faberge Egg Pendants, Faberge Crystal, Coronation, & Musical Eggs

Faberge Musical Eggs

Romance is personified with Faberge and even more so when it is a Faberge musical egg! Even though Peter Carl Faberge stopped creating his mystical wonders in 1917, they live on in many venues. Just look at all the ‘Faberge’ inspired, or ‘Faberge-style’ creations on the market. While a true Faberge musical egg is costly, it is possible to purchase a tasteful gift for under $60.00, made in the Faberge style that carefully follows the original design.

Faberge egg jewelry is easily one of the most unique gifts that can be given. Usually made so that the egg will open with a ‘surprise’ inside, the egg jewelry is worn as a pendant and is decorated with anything from Australian crystals to precious stones. The surprise is sometimes a tiny angel figure, or a bird figure, such as a hummingbird. The classic Faberge design often used is the drape, in many brilliant enameled colors.

Unique gifts featuring Faberge inspired designs include musical egg jewelry boxes and a table lamp to add a touch of elegance to any room it resides in. Any woman or girl would be thrilled to have a Faberge style pendant to call her very own. There are so many variations in color, precious stones and metals, that it is possible to own more than one. Prices on the pendants begin just below $100 and go up from there. Prices depend on the silver or gold content, number of precious or semi-precious stones used to decorate and the value of the tiny figure inside, but could be as high as $500.00. A few unique gifts items by Faberge will fetch close to $4,000.00 each. These are truly luxurious gifts.

While Faberge intended that his creations would be useful, they are often referred to as art objects. No wonder. Their beauty has been loved and emulated for over 100 years. As soft light illuminates the interesting floral designs on the Faberge musical egg, it is hard to resist the impulse to open the egg just once to see the surprise waiting there. Sometimes it is a graceful bird moving to a well known musical tune. Sweet smiles are the automatic response from anyone who touches or hears these wonderful creations. A short inscription on the inside of the egg completes the picture and creates a family heirloom that will be passed from one generation to the next.